The Arches @ Aberfoyle

As you arrive at Aberfoyle Lodge you will be greeted by the stunning Arches@Aberfoyle. This building is expertly designed by a leading Zimbabwean architect. The building boasts an incredible panoramic view of the golf course and surrounding mountains from its deck.

Officially opened in November 2021, the Arches@Aberfoyle is available to host events such as conferences, weddings, art exhibitions and other functions.

The state-of-the-art board room with a view of the beautiful gardens is furnished with a locally made wooden table and chairs and a large TV screen. It is available to host strategic planning meetings, executive board meetings or conferences. This space fits up to 15 people comfortably.

The largest hall space of the venue will be available for larger group conferences, launch events or weddings. A microphone and in-built sound system are available as well as a large TV screen in the hall space, perfect for presentations.

If you would like a slightly less formal environment, the large deck overlooking Aberfoyle Lodge golf course is a lovely meeting space. Alternatively, this space makes for a wonderful break within your day of meetings, where teas and refreshments are served.

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