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Aberfoyle Lodge

Having driven through the beautiful Honde Valley and the Eastern Highlands Tea plantations you arrive at what has to be one of the best-kept secrets in the Zimbabwe! Aberfoyle Lodge is situated in a very special part of the country. Nestled amongst rolling tea-plantations, rivers, mountains and lovely riparian forest Aberfoyle offers a getaway not to be missed.

Our iconic 9-hole golf course is the view from the main lodge. Alongside this we have an assortment of activities on offer. Ranging from self-guided walks and picnics along the riverside to a zipline tour through the tree tops over the river. The amazing diversity of the Honde Valley and Aberfoyle areas lend themselves to more than just a holiday. If you are a birder – you are in paradise! Our bird guide Morgan is exceptional, if you are after a special bird found in the area he will certainly do his best to find it for you.


Our full range of activities will tempt and encourage you to enjoy a part of Zimbabwe unlike any other. The forests are a birding paradise. Our birding guide, Morgan will be delighted to show you many of the special species of birds that surround the Lodge. There is a challenging (some say iconic) 9-hole golf course or try out the zipline tour through the tree canopy over the Nyamakombe River.


The Arches @ Aberfoyle is a newly built, beautifully constructed building. Designed by a leading Zimbabwe architect it opens for the first time in November 2021. Available to host conferences, weddings, birthday parties or any large gathering. The building includes an exhibition space which will show artworks of local and national significance.

We know that you will love everything about Aberfoyle Lodge and hope that we see you here soon.

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